We are currently open for receiving proposals to feature light-based artworks on our online gallery.

The phrase "light-based artworks" is open to interpretation.


To submit send an email to extramissiveeyes@gmail.com with the following:

• Subject Line should be "Gallery Proposal"

• Name and Website

• Title and short description of the work

• Digital images of some of the work with one dimension no larger than 2000 pixels

• Keep the size of the attached files to smaller than 25mb total.  Do not send Dropbox or WeTransfer links


If selected, we will email you back with instructions on how to proceed.

We will only ask for the ability to use the images in the online gallery and for social media posts.  Artists will always keep their copyright.


We will try to respond to every submission.  If we don't respond, it's not you, it's us (and our extreme social anxiety).