Masood Kamandy - Oblique: A New Way to Photograph


Oblique is a photography app for iOS devices with responsive real-time and interactive filters.  All effects are displayed through live-view, making post-processing unnecessary and allowing light-based artists create completed artworks anytime and anywhere.


Version 0.1.1 Build 20 of Oblique includes 14 interactive filters (including one by Adam Ferriss), 7 non-interactive filters, and a multitude of sliders for basic corrections.  Oblique is also equipped with an Invert filter, making it an amazing tool for looking at photographic negatives.


The app was made by artist Masood Kamandy for his exhibition The Effect of Lightning on a Rainbow, which is on display at Luis De Jesus in Los Angeles from February 18 to March 25, 2017.


Oblique: A New Way to Photograph can be downloaded from the app store here.