Sandra Kühne - Blank Spot Cartography [Weisse Flecken Kartographie]


I discovered Sandra Kühne’s Blank Spot Cartography at 2016’s LA Art Book Fair completely unintentionally.  Surrounded by flashy photobooks, I was immediately entranced by this book’s simplicity.


More akin to an index mixed with a gamebook, Blank Spot Cartography can be read in any way imaginable.  Front-to-back, back-to-front, or flipped to a random page, the book encourages re-exploration of its pages.


Sandra Kühne’s utilization of appropriated text and imagery is impeccable.  Rarely does this feel like a modern creation, but a dusty tome found in a library filled with knowledge both useful and useless.


To call oneself a reader while experiencing this novel is insufficient; an explorer is a more apt descriptor.


Sandra Kühne - Blank Spot Cartography [Weisse Flecken Kartographie]

2014, Kodoji Press – Baden, Switzerland

ISBN 978-3-03747-058-9, First Edition

Available for purchase at multiple online stores, including Printed Matter and Perimeter Books.